Team sign up

You MUST fill out the form on you right. If you have any questions. Feel free to contact us at 20621681 or write a mail to


Team Starts 2021

  • 26 Juli – (Full)
  • 18 October –  (Full)


Team Starts 2022

  • 17 January   (Open)





How to sign up:

  • Fill out the form
  • Choose > The next available team start
  • In comments > write if you are interested in starting earlier and we will contact you if there is a free spot
  • Within few days you will receive an email with furher information.


Converting / Redo

Do not choose a team start because you can start right away. All you need to do is to sign up:

How to sign up:

  •  Fill out the form.
  •  Choose > Converting / Redo
  •  Choose > Your option (option 1 / option 2)
  • within few days you will receive an email with further informtion.

Sign up to next team start

Only for Conveting and Redo Driver license:
Converting Redo 
Option 1 Option 2  (Further information. Please look under prices)